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VISIT YOUR NEAREST ROOMSTORE FOR UNBEATABLE LOW PRICES ON ALL SEALY PRODUCTS! For over 125 years, Sealy™ has been synonymous with sleep. Their vast experience has helped them create unsurpassed support, long-lasting comfort and unmatched durability in their sleep sets. From advanced innerspring mattresses to newer technologies like latex, Sealy offers you more ways to wake up refreshed and revitalized.


The new Sealy Posturepedic has been specifically designed to eliminate tossing and turning caused by uncomfortable pressure points. As experts in the production of beds and mattresses, Sealy are the biggest bed and mattress manufacturer in the world with a network of specialist businesses from the USA to Australia. It is because of our worldwide presence that we can call upon technological developments around the globe to bring the most advanced sleep systems in bed and mattresses manufacturing to the bedrooms of our customers in the UK. Beds and mattresses by Sealy not only leave you feeling refreshed & ready for the day, but also ensure a really good night's sleep. For more than 125 years Sealy have been synonymous with sleep, ensuring that each bed and mattress will deliver energizing sleep. If you're looking to discover a range of beds and mattresses designed to suit your every need from comfort to back support, Sealy can deliver.


For people who want a more affordable, quality mattress from a name they have trusted for more than 130 years. Over 30 tests are performed to ensure durability.


For 60 years, Sealy Posturepedic has built a legacy of uncompromising support for everything you do in bed. Today we’ve taken support to a new level by creating a mattress that not only supports your back, but supports the way you live.


OptiCool™ is the only gel memory foam on the market to be fused with OUTLAST®, proven to be more effective for removing excess heat during the night.


OUTLAST® material is used in high performance outdoor gear, undergarments, and even footwear for superior temperature regulation. So how much more effective is OptiCool™ at removing excess heat? 12 times more effective than standard memory foam or other gel memory foams.


OptiCore™ - Underneath the OptiSense™ layer is our patented OptiCore™. This layer is a firmer section at the bottom of the mattress, which provides a deeper level of support. No Motion Transfer - Just because your partner moves during the night doesn't mean you should. Optimum™ is designed to absorb motion, creating a calm, stable sleeping environment that lasts all night, every night.


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Uncompromising quality and luxury–inside and out. Designed by certified craftsmen using only the finest materials. Stearns & Foster redefines luxury, style and sleep.


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