The RoomStore Gives Back

The RoomStore Gives Back

We are tied to our community. Because of that relationship, the owners and staff at The RoomStore believe in giving back to the best of our ability. Since 1993 we have made it a large part of our company philosophy to serve our community as much as possible through donations and corporate sponsorships. Fortunately, we have been able to increase this practice over our 20-plus years as a locally owned and locally operated business in Arizona.


We believe it is important for our customers to know that The RoomStore holds these convictions, so they have a better understanding of how we think and operate. If you or your organization has a need that The RoomStore may be able to help with, please contact us.



Please help us acknowledge and support charities in our area who consistently work to benefit the greater good.
Below are some examples of the organizations RoomStore has recently sponsored and honored.


Sleep In for the Cure 2013 March of Dimes Signature Chefs Auction


12 News


Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation Veterans Medical Leadership Council We Care Cancer Support Center
Foundation for Children Lost Our Home Pet Foundation American Cancer Society
AWEE Arizona Women's Education and Employment, Inc. Reigning Grace Ranch The Board of Visitors Ryan House
Pepped Up! Dysart Community Center Honor Flight Arizona
Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry CASA Crops of Luv



Many of the organizations we have supported have offered letters of recognition and thanks. We are proud to display some of these testimonials below.


Children's Cancer Network

Children's Cancer Network appreciates the support of The RoomStore in their generous donation of the beautiful couch and chairs for our new Family Resource Center. This furniture along with the wood bookshelves, TV stand, and desks purchased from The RoomStore make the room an inviting place for families to connect, utilize the computers and resource materials, and attend educational or networking programs. Our young adults, children and families make good use of the area! Again, our thanks to The RoomStore for their incredible generosity in helping Children's Cancer Network build a warm and comfortable environment for Arizona families battling childhood cancer.


Children's Cancer Network is a 501c3 non profit organization supporting Arizona children and families throughout their cancer journey.


Children's Cancer Network programs and services are designed to provide financial assistance, promote education, encourage healthy lifestyles, and create an awareness of issues they face related to childhood cancer.


We strive to address the highest priority needs at the time when they are needed most. Children’s Cancer Network assists children and families statewide working closely with the pediatric oncology health care teams at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Banner Children’s Hospitals at Cardon and at Thunderbird, and Diamond Children’s Medical Center. Our goal is to provide hope to children and families battling childhood cancer.


The Children's Cancer Network Family Resource Center is designed to assist childhood cancer patients and their families to become empowered through education, resources, and connections. The Grand Opening of the resource center will be September 7 from 8:30a-12:00pm.  Please join us and visit what The RoomStore has helped to create.

Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation

Thank you to the RoomStore for loaning us two chairs for Santa to use at the ignite hope event on December 14, 2013 at Phoenix Children's Hospital.


There are 1 million children living in the Phoenix metropolitan area today. Every year, thousands of them come to our hospital sick or injured. Entrusting us with their care. Thanks to the generous support of our community – and people like you – we have undergone a major expansion to accommodate our growing population. But it's not enough to simply be bigger. As we grow, our vision is to be better with enhanced programs, more specialists, additional services, and play a larger role in research and education. But we could not do what we do without the support of the members of our community. We are extremely fortunate to have people like you embrace our hospital and help us provide remarkable care in a family centered environment.


Thank you again for your generous gift to Phoenix children's hospital and for your commitment to the children and families of our community.

Sunshine Angels

The Sunshine Angels support foster children living in the Sunshine Residential Group Homes.


When these children turn 18 they normally begin their transition from group home life to independent living. This is the most vulnerable time for these young adults. In the US the last time young adults leave their parent's home is 28 years of age. Foster children are considered by law as adults at 18 years of age. Without assistance, within 3 months of leaving the group home 50 % will be homeless.


This year we have been blessed to be connected with The RoomStore's Brian Harsh. They have been invaluable to the Sunshine Angels and have provided much needed assistance to our teens that are “Aging Out” (turning 18) and leaving the foster home environment. These children have nothing to start their ‘adult’ life. The Sunshine Angels helps them with their transition into living on their own and The RoomStore specifically helps at this stage by providing each young adult with a new bed donated by The RoomStore. We proudly proclaim The RoomStore as an Angel Partner.


The first young man to receive his new bed was Robert. The Sunshine Angels took bed linens and household items to Robert after he has received his bed. He was so thrilled and grateful, proudly showing off his new RoomStore bed to all. The second young man to receive his new bed was Johnas. The Sunshine Angels visited his new home before the bed was delivered. Without the bed, Johnas could not have made his move. The first young lady to request a bed has moved and delivery was scheduled for today. 


The Sunshine Angels will be presenting The RoomStore with a gratitude plaque in the near future.

Suns Charities

I am happy to provide this information to you, and am delighted that Dan Selznick will get some well-deserved recognition for being such a generous contributor to the Arizona community!


Dan Selznick and The RoomStore have been long-time, cherished marketing partners of the Phoenix Suns. In 2007, he stepped up to become even more than that, when he made a commitment of $100,000 to Phoenix Suns Charities and became a Suns Charities Playmaker. This class of donor provides the leadership gifts to Phoenix Suns Charities, whose mission is to serve children and their families in most need in Arizona. “Dan, like all of our generous Playmakers, has such a kind heart for our most fragile young citizens who often only need a little lift to get them on their way to becoming all they can be.”
– Robin Milne, Executive Director, Phoenix Suns Charities


As a Playmaker, Dan helps select our annual Playmaker grant of $100,000. During Dan’s time as a Playmaker, we have funded the United Food Bank’s request for a refrigerated truck to deliver perishable food to its Kids L.I.F.E. program, expanded the Chris-Town YMCA, and built the Phoenix Suns Charities Exercise and Wellness Room at the Wellness Community – for teens and their families touched by cancer. We then funded the “Beat Goes On” exhibit at the Halle Heart Children’s Museum featuring the Suns Gorilla showing kids how body movement leads to a healthy heart. This was followed by our donation to ICAN in Chandler, a leading provider of prevention programs using research-based curriculum for at-risk youth. Most recently, we completed the ‘Starlight Care Room’ at St. Joseph’s hospital, offering a private room where they can spend time with their neo-natal newborns.


So, you can see that these Playmaker grants are extremely impactful and represent a deep understanding of the challenges faced by children and families in the very neighborhoods where The RoomStore has been providing furniture for generations. These grants make the recipients feel like they were just welcomed to sit in a big easy chair and be cared for by the generous outreach of Dan Selznick, The RoomStore, and Phoenix Suns Charities.


“The Playmakers are a potent squad of Valley leaders who have made a significant commitment to the community through Suns Charities by providing a steady stream of funding that has enabled the foundation to grant almost $1 million annually.” 
– Kathy Pidgeon, President, Phoenix Suns Charities Board

Arizonans For Children

The RoomStore and Maggie Raborn have been pivotal to the success of Arizonans for Children, Inc.


In October, 2002, a small group of concerned volunteers who recognized and articulated the critical community need to provide suitable home-like visitation space to the increasing number of children in state custody, their families and child care providers, established our organization. We had good intentions but no money or assets. We convinced Historic First Church to allow us to move into several rooms to establish the Children’s Visitation Center which opened January 2, 2003, providing the first and, at that time, the only visitation center for families of children in care in Arizona.


I had thought that we would be going to garage sales to furnish the Center, but Maggie Raborn on behalf of The RoomStore furnished the whole place with not only furniture, but also lamps, pictures, silk plants and knick knacks. I had not expected this kind of generosity.


In 2006, AFC opened its second Children’s Visitation Center inside Celebration Lutheran Church located at 87th Avenue and Olive in Peoria. Once again The RoomStore furnished the entire Center. In June, 2007, AFC opened its third Visitation Center in Desert Heritage Church in Mesa. The RoomStore once again came to our rescue and furnished the Center with furniture so beautiful that it took our breath away.


In June 2008, First Historic Church said it could no longer help us and asked us to move within 30 days. We were in crisis. The RoomStore came to our aid and sent 6 semi-trucks to move us to the new premises. We packed up and moved in one day. Or rather The RoomStore packed us up and moved us in one day. We pretty much stood back out of their way occasionally asking if it was done yet.


On June 22, 2012, a donor gave the funds to purchase an 11,510 square foot building located at 1112 W. Camelback Road in Phoenix for our headquarters and the Phoenix Children’s Visitation center. The RoomStore again moved all our possessions into the new building and gave us additional furniture to complement the stuff we already had or had worn out in the last 10 years.


But the RoomStore has done much more than move us twice and furnish our three Centers. Every year, beginning in 2007, The RoomStore has given us warehouse space to wrap Christmas presents for the Holiday party. This is a massive undertaking—we usually wrap about 4,000 presents. The RoomStore loads up all these presents and transports them to the location for the Holiday party. After the party, The RoomStore picks up any leftover presents and takes them to our storage facility.


In 2011, we became so cramped for space that The RoomStore gave us space in its Mesa Store to set up our Life book program and we are still using this space today.

When we have asked for raffle prizes for fundraisers---The RoomStore is first in line to provide us with the major gift---and by that I mean something large and expensive---like a 60 inch TV or an entire living room set. In short---whatever we have needed The RoomStore has been there to provide it. And everyone---from the owner down to the guy who delivers the furniture---has always been the most courteous, friendly, enjoyable person to be around. It is The RoomStore’s culture.


We have now entered our eleventh year of existence and eleven years of The RoomStore’s support. Our programs benefit the most vulnerable and disadvantaged group of children in our society – children who have been abused, maltreated or neglected and removed from their homes by Child Protective Services. Arizonans for Children provides the resources to ensure foster children have educational, tutorial and skill-development opportunities as well as special care items and other specialized services critical to their individual needs, overall development and general well-being.  The three Children’s Visitation Centers provide the places where children in foster care can visit with their biological relatives. The goal is to see if the family can be fixed and reunited.


Since the opening of the first Children’s Visitation Center in January 2003, we have increased usage as follows:


2003 (Our First Year)—1,573 people
2004—6,803 people
2005—14,832 people
2006—21,746 people
2007—22,840 people
2008—37,574 People
2009—43,322 People
2010—55,974 People
2011—60,548 People
2012—77,578 people


In 2013 we expect to serve over 80,000 people.  Since our inception in 2003, we have served over 384,000 individuals.


And we owe all of our success to The RoomStore and Maggie Raborn who have been transformational in our development.

Arizona Search Dogs

A one year old Field Trial black Lab named "Free" became available in Feb. of 2012. Field Trail is basically a hunt competition where Labrador Retrievers compete in exercises that shadow or mimic hunting scenarios. Occasionally an amateur or a professional trainer will sell a started dog as an additional source of income or they decide to start another dog and let the dog they have been training go to another home. The work we do with our dogs closely parallels Field Trial competitions. If a dog is suited for mock hunting scenarios and retrieving bumpers they love doing search work where the toy/bumper is attached to a live victim that wants to play with them all day long. Free was spending a considerable amount of his time sitting in a kennel on the road hoping his owners would have time to work him. They are good people and provided Free with as much exercise and training as possible, but with Free's energy and willingness to please even we are challenged to give Free all the work he wants each day.


Once a dog enters our program it takes an average of 18 to 24 months of intense training to prepare them to pass FEMA's Disaster Search Dog Certification Evaluation. Free certified 10 months after becoming a member of The Phoenix Fire Department and our Urban Search and Rescue team...AZ-TF1. Many times you have to go slow and allow a new dog time to get used to rubble, heights, rebar, noise and other significant distractions. Free seems to know what we ask of him and is able to communicate with us in ways that even today I do not fully understand. He has a gentle soul and lives to work. When our dogs locate a buried victim they are taught to let us know by barking at the point where the best scent is coming up out of the rubble and debris.


If you think about what we ask of our dogs it does not take too long to realize we are really building on multiple complex behaviors. They first have to go out into the rubble and search for the scent of a live victim and ignore distractions such as food, clothing and toys. Once identified they then have to follow that live scent to the location where it is coming up from the rubble and give us a focused bark alert indicating live human scent. Once the handler arrives at the alert location the dog is rewarded with an all-important toy. In training the toy is provided by the victim along with lots of play time, praise, hugs and petting. To the dog this is simply an elaborate game of hide and seek with the reward being their favorite toy attached to a victim who's job is to reward the dog for his find with tons of play and love.


There is no way I can explain or really describe Free to you or anyone else in an email. I encourage you to schedule a time to come out to our training site and see Free do what he does best...find victims. If you live to be 100 years old you will never experience anything like watching Free or any of his fellow canine task force members search and identify buried live victims in rubble.


The generous donation The RoomStore provided was added to support we received from another local business and Free became a member of Arizona Search Dogs. All our dogs are owned by our non-profit...Arizona Search Dogs and assigned to firefighters and police officers who are members of our Urban Search and Rescue team...Arizona Task Force 1.


Free is currently ready to deploy nationally with our Urban Search and Rescue team and is used locally to search for valley residents like lost hikers, Alzheimer patients and missing children.


Thanks to The RoomStore!!!!!!!!! Without their support we would not have been able to purchase Free.




Captain John Dean

Positive Impact

(Acknowledging) Maggie Raborn and Jeff Conti, representatives from The RoomStore furniture stores. In addition to the generous donations they provide for our major fundraising event, London’s Run, Maggie and Jeff contribute to the Christmas Adopt – A – Family program in a big way. The RoomStore has provided beds, mattresses and dressers to dozens of needy children during the holidays. Thanks to Maggie, Jeff and The RoomStore for the incredible compassion and generosity they show to families in crisis right here in our own community.

Solid Rock

The RoomStore donated a substantial amount of furniture, pictures, and plants for our Rock Teen Center, located on the southeast corner of 32nd Street and Thunderbird.


We are very grateful to The RoomStore for their generosity and support of Alice Cooper's Rock Teen Center. They went above and beyond the call of duty to provide the perfect furnishings not only for the teens, but the entire building as well to ensure a comfortable and modern environment. We look forward to partnering with them as we continue to grow.


Jeff Moore
Executive Director
Alice Cooper's Solid Rock

Honor Flight Arizona

On behalf of Honor Flight Arizona and our World War II Veterans, I would like to thank you and your associates at the RoomStore for funding our Channel 12 "12 Who Care" award for the month of September.


In addition, I would like to assure you that our many state-wide Honor Flight Arizona volunteers truly appreciate the recognition that they so deservedly are receiving through this award!  Nobody working with our organization receives payment -- except in the form of extreme gratification from sending our soon-to-be-vanishing World War II Veterans on their Honor Flight journeys of thanks and remembrance.


Enclosed, please find a DVD of the movie "Honor Flight -- the Last Mission." The film recently was shown to the largest single movie audience in history -- more than 28,000 at Miller Stadium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is currently showing throughout the United States. Please share it with your colleagues there at the RoomStore.


Is there any possibility of you joining Honor Flight Arizona at a reunion for our last two Honor Flight groups? It takes placer on Saturday, October 5th in North Phoenix (noon-3.00 p.m.). We would enjoy having you as our guest for lunch -- and to meet some of our veterans and their wives and families. Let me know, and I will send along details.


We also hope than you can sometime come out to Sky Harbor Airport to witness a departure and return of a group of our World War II Veterans. I'll keep you posted on dates. And once again… MANY THANKS!


Best Regards,
Rick Hardina
Honor Flight Arizona

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Your kindness gives hope to many individuals and families served at the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Thank you for your gift of $500.00, received on August 2, 2013, to benefit our food bank. We deeply appreciate your caring commitment to those most in need. 


Your generosity enables our faithful volunteers to deliver over 370,000 food boxes directly to needy families in their homes annually, provide children with nutritious and delicious snacks and free their parents from the stress of trying to choose between paying rent or buying food. You've transformed faith, hope and love from a mere cliché into compassionate action. Thank you!


Please feel welcome to contact us at 602-261-6814 if we can assist you in any way. Visit our website at for more information about St. Vincent de Paul including our services, volunteering and current events.


Thank you so very much, we are truly, truly grateful.


Warmest regards,
Stephen J. Zabilski
Executive Director
Society of St. Vincent de Paul